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December  20 / 2019
5-8 pm 2
3rd Annual   
Haircut with Santa
Must pre-book and prepay for
this private function.
No walk ins allow
for this event

* $25 if hair cut is needed
8 for admittance only no haircut just
Santa visit and refreshments *
for parents or grandparents
* Haircuts by Sandi Marie Laura Angie
* Request taken*

Refreshments served
Special item should arrive prior to
Santa to be presented to child. First
and last name written across wrapping
paper visible to Santa.
* Bring your camera * BYOB     
Service dogs will be working. If you
plan on staying longer than ap
pt please
find parking at train station or street
to allow our lot for small special needs
children and wheel chair.
Friday nights 6-8 pm integrated social
skills group for all ages! No appt
needed No entry fee. Just hang out
and chat with other parents while your
child hangs out with other kids and the
service dogs.    
Seniors 7 days a week!